How can I tell which type of therapy is right for me?

Most people need a combination of techniques and therapies (integrative therapy). We use CBT, Psychodynamic or Person Centred therapies, as well as others to find the best approach.

Why are there different prices for some therapies?

Some therapies require more time, and materials than others. The quality of the therapy isn't affected, the extra cost can be for time outside the session, or for materials such as art and crafts, and toys when needed.

Which modality of therapy is best for me?

The three modalities offered are Talk Therapy, Play Therapy, and Online Therapy.  Often it's best to start with Talk Therapy, and expand from there. But starting with either of the others is fine too.

How many sessions do I need to attend?

The number of sessions varies with the individual. I can give you a rough idea on your first session. You don’t have to commit in advance to any fixed number of sessions.

How often do I attend?

Once a week is best, but your schedule will determine your visits

How long is a session?

Each session is 50 minutes long.

Is therapy fully confidential?

All sessions are fully confidential with the following very rare exceptions:

  • If you tell me that a child is being or has been abused, I will need to report that to the authorities in order to protect the child. 
  • If you have serious intentions of killing/harming someone, I will need to report that. 
  • If you were imminently suicidal (absolutely determined to kill yourself), I would endeavour to prevent that happening. 

Bear in mind that it is not unusual for clients to be somewhat suicidal, i.e, thinking you would be better off dead, and that degree of suicidal ideation is something that we work through in therapy.

What if I can’t think of what to say?

Don’t worry. It is the therapist’s responsibility to keep things moving along. You will find that you have plenty to talk about!